Monday, July 25, 2011

Seriously, You're Turning 2?

ALREADY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? My baby, who I literally feel like I just brought home from the hospital, is turning 2 in less than 3 months. That's just nuts to me. Time truly does fly by when you are a parent. I used to think people were crazy when they said that, but OH how true it is. This time last year her 1st birthday party was all planned, invitations ordered, decorations bought... NOW... I haven't done a thing. But it's time. Time to get crankin'. Decisions need to be made. Date/place for party picked. Invitations designed and ordered.
Decorations bought. Thankfully my friend Erin is always there to lend a "planning hand."

I have tossed around ideas as to what the theme should be. I thought about: Dora, The Backyardigans, Elmo, Yo Gabba Gabba. All of her favorite things. But we ultimately came to a different conclusion. One that is SURE to make my sweet toddler squeal with excitement. And that's all I want for her 2nd birthday party. She is so much more aware of things this year and so I want it to be something that she just LOVES and ADORES.

I briefly mentioned Addison's new LOVE for Auburn and Aubie. It's quite intense as she is now asking to watch this DVD almost exclusively. So that, my friends will be my baby's 2nd birthday party theme.

"Come help AUBIE celebrate ADDISON turning 2"

Now, I realize everyone coming to her party won't be Auburn fans. In fact, probably only 2 or 3 of them will be. The rest will be Georgia, South Carolina, Clemson, Florida and Alabama fans. And we are ok with that (we love them anyway). So, it's going to be important (and kinda difficult) to keep this strictly an Aubie the Tiger party not an Auburn party. I mean every kid loves tigers right? We will of course have an orange and blue theme because Aubie is an Auburn fan after all. But we do want the main focus to be Aubie.

I literally have planned ZERO details. (Erin, we gotta get on that). I have looked online for invitations but there are very few out there so I am going to have to have that custom made and I have an idea in my head of what I want. Any takers? Designers? Suggestions?

I have a lot of orange and blue serving pieces and such but haven't decided on food or what to serve. No idea what to give as the "take away." I do know that we are probably having it at one of those inflatable places. We are trying to decide which one and if we don't have it AT one of the places, we will be getting an inflatable to put in our backyard. Buuuut, that's another thing, what IF our house is sold by then? I could have it at my SIL or MIL's house but it would be much easier to have it AT one of the inflatable places. We are going to look at them soon. Fingers crossed they are nice and not total junk holes.

This party won't be NEARLY as "over the top" as her first party was. But I want her to enjoy it. I want it to be something she will GASP at when she see's it. And of course I want to have a few unique/original things at the party that are memorable.

So this is just my thoughts on paper about Addison's 2nd birthday party. It's going to get here so fast. We have lots going on and I know it's going to sneak up on me big time. Time to get to plannin'.

Friday, July 22, 2011

What did you say?

I just thought I would share some of Addison's latest phrases and sayings and things that make me just plain laugh out loud. I must say that my child is dramatic. I mean, WHERE DID SHE GET THAT FROM?? HA! If you've met me you know I am totally aware that I am dramatic too and she totally gets it from her mama.

She talks with her hands (like me), when she sees something that she wants you to see or that she thinks is exciting, she GASPS (like me), the way she says her words with such dramatization (just. like. me.). But all the drama sure makes her little personality shine.

"Ambigators" (i.e. Alligator) (pronounced: AYUMBEEGAYTORS)
So while at the beach she discovered "ambigators." It's the sweetest thing ever. We've have gone as far as to buy this child a rubber alligator because she just loves them so much.

"Puple" (i.e. Purple) (pronounced: PUHPUUL)
My child knows her colors, but right now, everything is purple. I suppose we might be doing a purple "big girl" room. Oh me, I hope not.

"Ouside" (i.e. Outside) (pronounced: OWSIIIIII)
My child would live outside if I would let her. We use outside to push through naps and entertain when she's in a fussy mood. But with the heat index being like 120 lately, it's tough to go out for longer than 10 or so minutes because she sweats like her daddy and me.

"Isahot" (i.e. It's hot) (pronounced: isah hottt)
"Isa" goes in front of lots of things these days. As soon as we walk "ouside" she starts saying "isahot." I'm like, YEAH, wanna go back inside?

"Gwasses" (i.e. Glasses) (pronounced: gwassES)
She emphasizes the ES on the end (drama). She doesn't like to be outside without her glasses on. It's so "bwight" she says!

"Teef" (i.e. Teeth) (pronounced: TEEEEF)
We watched a "Yo Gabba Gabba" where Muno loses his baby teeth and now she is obsessed with "woosing teef."

"Damby" (i.e. Dansby) (pronounced: DAMBEE)
We thought Daizy was a clear front runner to be her favorite dog but "Damby" comes out of her mouth at least 20 times a day. She can pronounce "Daizy" or "Daiz" really well.

"Aubie" (i.e. Aubie, Auburn's mascot) (pronounced: AUBEEEE)
She is obsessed. We have a DVD that she LOVES and I highly recommend getting one of these if you want your child to grow up a (insert team) fan. It's made by Team Baby Entertainment and it's called "Auburn Baby: Raising Tomorrow's Auburn Fan Today." GENIUS idea whoever made these. Our child is already an Auburn fan and every time we see something Auburn or with Aubie on it, she goes nuts yelling "Aubun" and "Aubie." SCORE!

"Peace Ow" (i.e. Peace Out) (pronounced: peeece owwww)
I told her to say this one day to be funny and now she says it all the time. I realize, not the most educational thing I could have taught her but it's pretty darn cute.

"Ohhh muhcy" (i.e. Oh Mercy) (pronounced: ooooo muhhhceee)
One day I slammed on my brakes and said "OH MERCY" and she shouted back "OHHH MUHCY." And now if I ever hit my brakes, she says it. It's amazing the things she's starting to remember.

"Howy Cooow" (i.e. Holy Cow) (pronounced: howeeeee cowwww)
Again, she almost leaped off her changing table one day and as I caught her, under my breath I said, "Holy cow" and she repeated. I am just thankful that "oh mercy" and "holy cow" weren't worse phrases!

"In Jesus Name, Amen" (pretty self explanatory)
We say our blessing before eating and our night night prayers ("Now I lay me down to sleep") and we always say "In Jesus Name, Amen" She says it so plain and clear and it makes me want to cry every time. She's in such a growing and learning stage, that I am taking every opportunity to teach her about God and Jesus and the sacrifice that was made for us. I want her to have a heart for Jesus young in life. That is the biggest desire of my heart.

I could go on and on with the precious little things she says daily that just make my heart melt. My baby is growing up so fast. She is a full blown toddler and she is testing boundaries daily but she also minds very well once she knows she's not supposed to do something. Timeouts are frequent but she's getting better with them and knows she can't get up until she stops crying so she dries it up pretty fast now. We have our share of difficult days/moments but for the most part I have a very well behaved little girl that wants to please her mommy and daddy so she minds well. I recognize the rebellious side of her (that is in us all) that wants to do what she wants to do. But I always try to explain to her WHY she can't do something. Being a parent is a tough job but it sure it rewarding too. I am thankful that God blessed me with this little girl and entrusted me with her and I in return will do my best to raise her up in His image.

TGIF my friends!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today is one of those day. Just is. No particular reason. Probably PMS. I feel I could burst into tears any moment now. I hate this feeling so I am going to try to work out why on the ol' blog. This post will probably be jumbled and might not make much sense. It's just my brain at work today and I can't guarantee it's in FULL working order today.

- My heart is HEAVY for one friend who is dealing with stupid breast cancer. She is my age and this is her third diagnosis. She is currently undergoing chemo and just lost all her hair. She is one of the most beautiful and inspiring people I know and her journey has touched many lives and will continue to I know.

- My heart is HEAVY for another friend who is dealing with infertility. She has such great/amazing faith that God will heal her body and one day give her the child she SO longs for. And to Him she/we will give all the glory.

- My heart is HEAVY for a family member that is dealing with a very serious accusation. I can'tgo into details but it's very scary for him and could land him in a great deal of legal trouble.

- My heart is HEAVY for my little family. With Adam's new job (which we know was a blessing from God) comes great trial. We are separated until our home sells and as we all know the market AIN'T great. Being away from him is hard for me and our marriage. Addison is becoming more aware of his absence daily. And I know he misses us too. But we have faith that all is in God's hands and we are staying strong believeing we are in the midst of His will.

- My heart is HEAVY because we will be leaving our little town and moving to a big city. I complain about this town, but we do have roots here. We have a routine here. Friends here. Church here. Comfort is here. Starting over will be a very big challenge for me, but one I am preparing for.

- My heart is HEAVY because I am ready for another child. But with all that's going on right now, can I really handle a pregnancy. Alone. I was so tired the last pregnancy and now I might have to do it here, alone during the week. And then what if we move, I will have to pack up the house, etc. Then move. All while pregnant? I don't know if I want to do that. In my mind I had the second pregnancy all planned out but now, that's all changed. (Told yall I am a little crazy right now) The CONTROL FREAK in me panics at the thought of that but I also know God is in control. And I WANT Him to have control.

- My heart is HEAVY for my mom. She desperately wants (and needs) to lose weight. It's always been a struggle for her. She currently has lost 11 lbs. I am very proud of her but she has a long way to go to be in a healthy range. I really want to see her succeed this time. I am trying to be as encouraging as I can for her.

Am I the only one who feels so STRETCHED thin in relationships sometimes? I always want to be the BEST Christian, wife, mom, daughter, friend, supporter, cleaner, cook, that I can and sometimes I fail. That's hard for me as I am OCD as can be and I typically demand perfection from myself. I know that perfection isn't REAL but I demand myself be as close as possible and sometimes it mentily wears on me and I want to break down.

I don't break down often, but when I do... I hate it. I hate being weak. I don't mind being vulnerable, but I hate being weak. And sometimes when I break down I push people away and stay to myself which I realize is the opposite of what I should do. It's just natural for me. Something I have to work on. Daily.

I have lots going on the next 5-6 months that require a lot of planning and focus on my part. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed I will just do nothing! That doesn't help at all.

I am trying my best to be positive and productive and not get overwhelmed but somedays I just crumble a little. This is one of those days and this too shall pass...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Addison's 1st Beach Trip

So two weeks ago, we were lounging at Pensacola Beach. Well, I wasn't lounging, I was chasing my almost two year old around the beach. I quickly figured out after arriving that my child IS NOT afraid of the ocean or the sand. She wanted to explore. ALONE! She didn't want me chasing after her or picking her up when a wave came crashing in. Ahhh, I have quite the little adventurer on my hands.
We are on a TIGHT budget and haven't been on a vacation in over two years. Thanks a lot Dave Ramsey. So when we were offered a free place to stay we couldn't pass it up. Plus I was dying for Addison to get to put her cute little toes in the sand. We went with my sister-in-law (Adam's sister) and two of my nephews. Our other nephew couldn't go because he had All-Star practice. Adam went down Saturday and I didn't go til Sunday night because I had a baby shower to attend. Addison and I got down there at 10 pm and she was WIRED. Adam had to leave Tuesday night because with the new job he couldn't afford to take anymore time off. We were very happy he was able to spend two days on the beach with us. It was so fun and I gained another nickname while there... "Mamarazzi." I took so many pictures and I am so glad I did.
I enjoyed morning coffee overlooking the quite, calm bay. We enjoyed our days on the beach until Addison got unruly and then she would nap and I would relax a little. We ate out every night. I might have gained a few pounds while there that I am currently working off. But the food was so good.
Pensacola, in my opinion, is one of the best beaches to visit because it's quite and is very family friendly. It's like it's own little island. And there are some phenomenal little hole in the wall places to eat.
Some of the Addison Highlights to mention are:
- She had a hard time figuring out why she couldn't put the sand in her mouth... until she did it once or twice.
- She didn't want me to chase her into the ocean until salt water got in her eyes. Then she'd cry.
- She kept her hat and sunglasses on almost the whole time. I was shocked.
- She tried a bite of fried shrimp, and loved it.
- She learned the word "ocean" and said it at least 100 times while we were there.
- She went to play putt-putt for the 1st time and all she wanted to do was throw the ball and walk the course pointing and talking about everything she saw.
- Out of NO WHERE she points to this life size fake alligator and says "ambigatOR" (emphasis on the OR) then looks at me and says "OOOWWWWW" I said did he bite you and she said "UH HUH" and just laughed hysterically. Her little imagination is getting so big. It's such an awesome thing to see.

Here are a few pics from our trip... my child is such a handful but she is a joyful handful. She loves life and I love watching her explore and learn all about it. She get's funnier everyday!

STICKS! She loves them for some reason.

Look at that precious smile!

Playing in the sand with one of many sticks she collected.

Watching for birds.

Headed out for dinner.

Playing in her pool.


About to go out to eat.

Addison a Daddy saying "cheeeeese"

Me and my SIL enjoying an "Irish Wake" at McGuires Irish Pub.

Seriously. The. Best. Nachos. In. The. World. (at McGuires Irish Pub) I probably ate 1/4 of them.