Friday, July 22, 2011

What did you say?

I just thought I would share some of Addison's latest phrases and sayings and things that make me just plain laugh out loud. I must say that my child is dramatic. I mean, WHERE DID SHE GET THAT FROM?? HA! If you've met me you know I am totally aware that I am dramatic too and she totally gets it from her mama.

She talks with her hands (like me), when she sees something that she wants you to see or that she thinks is exciting, she GASPS (like me), the way she says her words with such dramatization (just. like. me.). But all the drama sure makes her little personality shine.

"Ambigators" (i.e. Alligator) (pronounced: AYUMBEEGAYTORS)
So while at the beach she discovered "ambigators." It's the sweetest thing ever. We've have gone as far as to buy this child a rubber alligator because she just loves them so much.

"Puple" (i.e. Purple) (pronounced: PUHPUUL)
My child knows her colors, but right now, everything is purple. I suppose we might be doing a purple "big girl" room. Oh me, I hope not.

"Ouside" (i.e. Outside) (pronounced: OWSIIIIII)
My child would live outside if I would let her. We use outside to push through naps and entertain when she's in a fussy mood. But with the heat index being like 120 lately, it's tough to go out for longer than 10 or so minutes because she sweats like her daddy and me.

"Isahot" (i.e. It's hot) (pronounced: isah hottt)
"Isa" goes in front of lots of things these days. As soon as we walk "ouside" she starts saying "isahot." I'm like, YEAH, wanna go back inside?

"Gwasses" (i.e. Glasses) (pronounced: gwassES)
She emphasizes the ES on the end (drama). She doesn't like to be outside without her glasses on. It's so "bwight" she says!

"Teef" (i.e. Teeth) (pronounced: TEEEEF)
We watched a "Yo Gabba Gabba" where Muno loses his baby teeth and now she is obsessed with "woosing teef."

"Damby" (i.e. Dansby) (pronounced: DAMBEE)
We thought Daizy was a clear front runner to be her favorite dog but "Damby" comes out of her mouth at least 20 times a day. She can pronounce "Daizy" or "Daiz" really well.

"Aubie" (i.e. Aubie, Auburn's mascot) (pronounced: AUBEEEE)
She is obsessed. We have a DVD that she LOVES and I highly recommend getting one of these if you want your child to grow up a (insert team) fan. It's made by Team Baby Entertainment and it's called "Auburn Baby: Raising Tomorrow's Auburn Fan Today." GENIUS idea whoever made these. Our child is already an Auburn fan and every time we see something Auburn or with Aubie on it, she goes nuts yelling "Aubun" and "Aubie." SCORE!

"Peace Ow" (i.e. Peace Out) (pronounced: peeece owwww)
I told her to say this one day to be funny and now she says it all the time. I realize, not the most educational thing I could have taught her but it's pretty darn cute.

"Ohhh muhcy" (i.e. Oh Mercy) (pronounced: ooooo muhhhceee)
One day I slammed on my brakes and said "OH MERCY" and she shouted back "OHHH MUHCY." And now if I ever hit my brakes, she says it. It's amazing the things she's starting to remember.

"Howy Cooow" (i.e. Holy Cow) (pronounced: howeeeee cowwww)
Again, she almost leaped off her changing table one day and as I caught her, under my breath I said, "Holy cow" and she repeated. I am just thankful that "oh mercy" and "holy cow" weren't worse phrases!

"In Jesus Name, Amen" (pretty self explanatory)
We say our blessing before eating and our night night prayers ("Now I lay me down to sleep") and we always say "In Jesus Name, Amen" She says it so plain and clear and it makes me want to cry every time. She's in such a growing and learning stage, that I am taking every opportunity to teach her about God and Jesus and the sacrifice that was made for us. I want her to have a heart for Jesus young in life. That is the biggest desire of my heart.

I could go on and on with the precious little things she says daily that just make my heart melt. My baby is growing up so fast. She is a full blown toddler and she is testing boundaries daily but she also minds very well once she knows she's not supposed to do something. Timeouts are frequent but she's getting better with them and knows she can't get up until she stops crying so she dries it up pretty fast now. We have our share of difficult days/moments but for the most part I have a very well behaved little girl that wants to please her mommy and daddy so she minds well. I recognize the rebellious side of her (that is in us all) that wants to do what she wants to do. But I always try to explain to her WHY she can't do something. Being a parent is a tough job but it sure it rewarding too. I am thankful that God blessed me with this little girl and entrusted me with her and I in return will do my best to raise her up in His image.

TGIF my friends!


amy (metz) walker said...

I just love this post with all my heart...

Meg said...

I love how all mommies are fluent in toddler talk!! She is a full cup of sugar for sure!!