Friday, August 19, 2011

Inspired by Pinterest: DIY "Woodsy" Wreath

When I first saw people tweeting and talking about Pinterest, I didn't jump on the bandwagon because honestly, sometimes I get overwhelmed with all these new "online distractions." I was late to join Facebook and Twitter. Like WAY late. So I held off on Pinterest because, quite frankly, I didn't understand it and didn't want another "obsession." (I had been warned).

When I finally gave in... I immediately knew it was definitely going to take up all some of my time. For me, it's a great place to brain dump and store all my ideas. And steal others. HA. GENIUS idea Pinterest peeps. The great thing about this site is you can "pin" all you want that you find on other sites and that you see your friends pinning but the place of origination is always linked to it. So the creator of the outfit, project, decor always gets credit.

I use Pinterest mostly for ideas for my future home(s), children and DIY projects. My husband probably hates it because my "honey do/build" list has gotten pretty long. That's just what he gets for being so handy and a great builder.

I ran across this DIY project on Pinterest and immediately knew I HAD to make it. It looked easy and something straight out of a magazine. And as most of you know, we are on a tight budget so I can't just SHOP and BUY when ever I want to. So this is what I resort to.

The original idea of this wreath came from The Painted Hive. If you have never visited her blog... GO. NOW! It's amazing. One of my new favorites. She inspires me to get my DIY projects in motion. I didn't copy her wreath exactly...I put my own spin on it...but I would have never thought of this if it weren't for Pinterest leading me to her blog. Expect future DIY projects by ME, inspired by The Painted Hive.

I will do my best to give you a play by play of how to, cost, etc.

So first, I took an old Rice Crispy cereal box and cut out a circle (I used a large & small vase as my stencils) to use as my actual wreath.

I then spray painted my circle white on both sides. It took 3 coats to cover all the rice crispy cartoonage.

I then walked around my yard for 30 minutes gathering sticks (with Adam's help). I tried to get them of all sizes because I didn't want it to look uniform. Here they are before I painted them.

Once gathered, I used cheap-o Walmart spray paint to change things up a bit. I didn't want them fully spray painted but I did want that "whitewash" look.

I then took the spray painted cardboard and began gluing the sticks (using a hot glue gun), trying to make I lined them up as best as I could.

Here WAS my finished product. I then decided it was WAY too big and I didn't like that you could see so much of the cardboard. So, I broke each stick off to the length I wanted. Then I went out and gathered a bunch of small skinny sticks to go in between the others. I thought this would make it more full.

And it did. I love it. It turned out GREAT. I chose not to spray paint the small sticks. I left them in their natural wood. I love the rustic look of it and it was actually pretty fun to make. I plan to tie a bow on it or put am "M" on it or something to personalize it a little more.

I don't have a clue where I am going to hang it so for now, it's hanging behind our door. I have already been asked to make one for a Silent Auction for around Christmas time.

So let's break down the cost:

Cardboard to use as wreath: FREE (old cereal box)
Sticks: FREE (from yard)
4 cans of spray paint: $4 (cheap o)
Glue sticks: $3 for a bag of 30 sticks

So there ya have it. A very fun DIY. I am in the beginning stages of a big DIY project that Adam and I will be tackling together! I have a feeling these DIY posts will be more frequent. Thanks to Pinterest!

Happy Pinning and Happy Friday!


Lindsey said...

So cute!!

LAURA@laurasblondemoments said...

very cute! And FREE.. more importantly :)

I am brand new to Pinterest, but am looking for inspiration on how to make onesie dresses and more for my daughter. I'm also looking for ideas on a Zoo Party that my son has asked for his 3rd birthday party this year.

kudos on the wreath!


Cheryl E. said...

I am your newest follower. Loving your fun blog :)

Casa Cannon said...

The wreath looks great! um, YES, love, love, love pinterest. I was the same way, oh, another online distraction, but actually, it's a great way to organize ideas, food, etc. I've already made three different things I've seen on there. Love it!

Natasha in Oz said...

That looks fantastic! I found your blog via Pinterest-isn't it amazing!

Best wishes,