Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mrs. Wedding Coordinator

So one week before their wedding, my cousin and his bride to be asked me to coordinate their wedding. UM YES PLEASE! This is perfect for me. I am a control freak, perfectionist, organization nutjob...this is a no brainer. I accepted and anxiously got started.

She had 8 bridesmaids and he had 8 groomsmen. She didn't know (or care) how they came in so I worked freakishly on that. Got that all nailed down then I worked with the music to make sure we had enough time for everyone to get seated, etc. Needless to say I had a very detailed EXCEL sheet. I also worked up an "itinerary" for the wedding day for them. The rehearsal was so fun. Working out all the small details is like heaven for me. I realize this makes me sound like a LEGIT WHACKO! There were several small tasks that I had to work out the kinks in for them but I really enjoy that stuff.

The morning of the wedding, I went to the receptions place and set up all of her outside tables/chairs and decor. I also made and arranged all 25 flower arrangements to be placed on the tables inside. Again, control = happiness. Again, weird, I know!

I got to the church 45 minutes before start time (4:00) and they were still taking pictures...a few guests arrived 15 minutes later and they were still taking pictures. They were supposed to be finished at 3:00 according to the itinerary. Why were they running late? People were seeing the bride before she walked down the aisle!! Oh you know, the groom was running LATE to the pictures because he played golf that morning. SLAP!

I wouldn't have made it without my sweet husband running around right before and after the wedding to make sure their was enough ice at the reception. He was a lifesaver!

After the wedding was over, I was supposed to rush to the reception to get everyone lined up to be announced. But no one was assigned to clean up the church and get all the stuff out of there, so I did that then rushed to the reception.

Everything went off without a hitch except one little thing... the brides brothers were supposed to pull a runner down the aisle before she walked down it, they forgot. NO BIGGIE. No one knew, no one noticed. Not even the bride (until I told her). Minor detail.

We had so much fun at the reception. They had a DJ and a guy that played the guitar during the DJ's breaks. Lots of dancing, laughing and fun!! But HOLY MOTHER it was HOT! I mean SO hot! They had tables inside and out but with ALM it was best that we were outside so she could run and play. So I was sweating like I can't even explain. My dress was soaked in areas I won't even tell you about.

Here are a few pictures from the night!


Me and my cousin (the groom)

Father/daughter dance

Husband and wife

Dancing family! SWEATY family!

Me and ALM breaking it down!


Mrs. Stethoscope said...

love the pic of you and ALM beautiful as always

LAURA@laurasblondemoments said...

Looks like you pulled off a beautiful wedding! Your cousin and his wife are such a cute couple :)

Love the "sweaty family" pic, too!


Megan said...

You look gorgeous!! I'm sure you rocked as a wedding coordinator!

Greta said...

Way to go! And you have a beautiful family :)