Thursday, September 15, 2011


My mom had promised us a beach trip sometime this year. We decided that later would be better so it wouldn't be so hot for Addison. Of course we picked hurricane season. Other than a little Tropical Storm Lee, the weather was perfection!

We left out for the beach on Friday, September 2nd for a WEEK LONG TRIP. It was the first time that my mom and I had been at the beach together since 2005. Adam joined us later Friday evening and stayed until Wednesday morning.

The first 3 days we did hit the beach for a little while but the weather wasn't great. Lee was hitting in Louisiana and we got some rain, but it was really just off and on and never got too bad. The last 4 days were great! Perfect weather. No humidity. It was awesome.

We went out to eat a few nights and cooked in a few nights. Adam and I had one date night alone. But this trip was really designed for RELAXING! I never got super dressed up. I never stressed about what to wear or what I looked like. I actually completely lost track of what day it was, and THAT is exactly what I needed.

We took Addison to Pier Park. She LOVED it. She got to ride on a Choo Choo Train and on a carousel. It was precious. She danced around to some music. She was in heaven, getting to run free and wild. We did a little shopping but not much. It's hard to do with a toddler that HAS to be moving at ALL times.

I have to share one HILARIOUS story. (Try to picture this as you read-it makes it funnier) It's a long story but I am going to do my best to shorten it! So we decided we wanted to go to Shell Island. And we decided we wanted to rent a boat instead of doing a tour. We were going to rent one while Adam was there but because of the waves, they wouldn't let us until Wednesday and he was gone. So we decided to anyway. After all, we used to have a boat and I know how to drive one. We got the pontoon boat, drove about 20 minutes to Shell Island. Addison was exhausted so she napped on the beach for over an hour while mom and I relaxed and looked for shells. We rode around on the boat, we saw HUGE jellyfish, dolphins, sea turtles. It was an awesome day. Addison was amazed at all she saw. It was precious. So things were going smooth right? YES! UNTIIIIIL... we had to have the boat back at 5:00. So at 4:40 we headed back. Well, my mom thought we needed to go right into a channel or water and I said left. But I went with what my mom said because, well, I am directionally challenged. WRONG DECISION! We are driving along... probably 200 yards away from the shore line and BAM we hit bottom. Bad words might have flown out of my mouth! I PANIC! And those of you that know me, can only imagine how bad this panic was.When I tell you we hit bottom... I don't mean we SCRAPED bottom, I mean our pontoon boat was now SITTING ON SAND! So my 62 year old mom and I get out and push the boat for probably 20 minutes. In the ocean. No telling what's in their swimming around my feet. I lost one flip flop and blew the other one out. I then stepped on something that gashed my foot open. My foot is now bleeding all over the boat. GREAT! But we are on the move again... whew! About 100 yards of driving and still about 200 yards off the shore, in the MIDDLE OF THE CHANNEL... BAM. BOTTOM. AGAIN. You have got to be kidding me!!!! No. Not a joke. (Insert more bad words here)! Back out we go. Into the water, with the unknown things all around my feet. This time, we are FOR REAL stuck. No amount of pushing or rocking was helping. So we call the boat people (who are now just like 200 yards from us) A girl comes out anchors her boat probably 50 yards from us and walks to help us. Then thank goodness a patrol boat stops and helps us. After 40 minutes of pushing and rocking... we were moving again. At this point I am a nervous wreck because I am scared we will hit bottom again! The ocean is SO different from a lake. There are no bouies to tell you what's shallow and what's not. And there are sand bars all over the place. It's HYSTERICAL now but it was NOT funny then. My mom handed the college girl $20 for keeping her at her job an hour late. This girl acted like it was $100. So I didn't feel too bad after. What a day. But it is a memory that I will NEVER forget!!! And remember, we had a toddler on the boat the whole time we are all out pushing and rocking this boat. Interesting doesn't begin to cover it! Go ahead, laugh. Make fun of me. Yeah yeah I ran the boat up onto sand TWICE in less than 30 minutes. I am a genius! But I need to point out that this MIGHT NOT have happened had we gone the way I said in the first place!!!

Overall, the trip was great. A HUGE thanks to my wonderful mother for taking us. Without her, the trip would have been ABSOLUTELY impossible. You're the best mom!

Here are some (unedited) pics from our trip. There's a lot but I happen to think my kid is so dang cute, so it's picture overload. Enjoy :)


Lynsey said...

I love the family beach pictures. You look fabulous and Addison is adorable. Hilarious story and something I totally would have done! Glad you guys had such a wonderful vacation.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oh my goodness! I can't believe that happened! and with Addison in the boat too! I love love loved every single picture. The fam pics, y'all are so cute, so happy (which just makes me smile :)), YOU look AH-mazing (seriously!... seriously), the pics of you and Addison are so adorable, the pics of Adam and Addison are so good and so sweet. I love seeing pics of hubbys/daddys smiling big with their babies. I am so glad that y'all got to go and have such a wonderful relaxing time! Xoxoxo!

Stephanie@SweetTeaAndSunshine said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun, and how funny about the boat! I would have been scared out of my mind. We LOVE Pier Park! Have ya'll tried the mirror maze with Addison yet? My 3 year old had a blast in it!

Olga said...

You guys are such a gorgeous little family! looks and sounds like you guys had a blast!

Maryland Magnolia said...

I'm sure that I would have run a boat aground much more than twice if I had been driving :)

Were y'all in Panama City Beach? If you were, then we were there at the same time! My husband and I arrived right before Tropical Storm Lee hit. We had such a good time (except for the tropical storm), and it looks like y'all did too!

Lauren said...

Oh my word, those pictures, FANTASTIC!!!! Especially the family ones. Your girl is so stinkin cute!!!! Sounds like a wonderful time.