Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A BFF Baby Shower: Yellow & Gray

Heather and I first met when we were about 3 or 4 at our babysitters (Mrs Jo's). We have pretty much been best friends since. So you could literally say we are LIFE LONG friends. We've been through everything together: cheerleading, dance line, first day of kindergarten/middle school/high school, heartbreaks, proms, weddings, babies...I could go ON and ON. We've been friends for about 26 years. And in that 26 years, I think we have only ever had one disagreement. Sure we went through our times where we weren't as close (I went to Auburn, she stayed in our home town) but we have always been there for each other, supported each other, loved each other. We have so many memories and inside jokes it's not even funny. Adam says when we get around each other that we have our own "language." And we do. We say things that mean different things and unless you are us, you won't get it. We laugh SO much when we are together, I can't even explain. Heather is good for my soul (and my abs). In more ways than one, we are like sisters. Neither of us have a sister, so we fill that spot. Her mom was always (and still is) like my second mom. This family means so much  me. I am so blessed to call Heather my friend.
Heather went through a devastating early pregnancy miscarriage a year ago. But she is strong and she made it through it. And a few months later, she was pregnant again. Now in about 6 weeks, we will get to meet William Jasper. I can't wait to hold him, kiss on him and tell him how much I love him. I will, no doubt, be his "cool auntee." Heather is Addison's "Auntee Headuh." (You have to know us to get the "auntee" thing). Heather is so good to Addison. Always giving her "prizes" and spoiling her. Addison is so lucky to get to have Heather in her life, and so am I.

Now on to baby shower deets. When we talked shower, I already knew that Heather isn't a "frilly" shower kind of gal. She is modern and funky and loves different things. I already had in mind what I wanted to do, I just needed her to tell me what colors she was doing his room so we could play off of that. She is doing gray and yellow in his room so BAM, that was it. And I LOVE it. I am kind of obsessed with yellow and gray after this shower.

Here's me and the mom-to-be and me and the grandmother-to-be.

So here are the deets:

Shower theme: Yellow & Gray with hints of birds.
Love these invites from Cadence Paige on Etsy

Place where we had the shower:

Gift table:

Food: Pasta salad, Chicken salad croissants, spinach dip, petit fors, cheese straws, dipped pretzels, monogrammed onesie cookes (made my moi) & fruit

Drinks: Amazing punch and lemon water

I put a picture of Heather and her husband Dale as babies along with Jasper's 4-D sonogram picture, in the middle of the food table.

Center pieces: I gathered sticks from my yard, spray painted them all white and stuck them in mason jars with sand in the bottom (only to keep the sticks from moving). I bought tiny little clothes pins and spray painted them white too. I designed and made the little signs to go on the sticks.

Above the centerpieces: I made "mobiles" to go above each table. Used spray painted sticks and hung them with twine. I scanned and made copies of Heather and her husband Dale and glues them back to back, punched a hole in the top and hung them from the sticks. (This was one of my favorite things)

Candy buffet: Another one of my favorite things... pics speak for themselves.

Onesie Banner: I saw a very unique banner on a blog once and I fell in love. So I asked Kelly (another hostess) to create her own original version of it. I sent her pics of the ones I had found and she did a phenomenal job. It was cuter than I could have imagined.

My mom and I went in together for Heather's gift. We gave her several outfits and a Scout. But my favorite thing we gave her was her "Recovery Kit." I designed the "explanations" for each thing in the recovery kit. I was doubled over just writing it. See pic.

This shower was SO fun to give. Not just because I love Heather dearly, but I have a heart for event planning. And when you work so hard on something and see it all come together so well, all the work is BEYOND worth it.

Sweet Jasper was showered so well. He has more thanenough clothes. Some of the cutest stuff I have ever seen. The only problem here is...Heather is an Auburn fan and Dale is an Alabama fan. So people bought Auburn and Alabama stuff. Poor Jasper will be so confused but his "Auntee Wensy" will set him straight! :)


Funny Guy and His Wife said...

What a cute shower! Love the Recovery Kit- great idea!

KM said...

Looks like a perfect party! Love all the birds, candy sayings, colors, and food! Your gift is SO what I needed to hear before giving birth! Great gift! Your best friend is so blessed to have you in her life!


Sassy Amie said...

The recovery kit is hilarious!! You did such a great job with all of the little details. Heather looks great!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

what a perfect party Lynds!! You did an amazing job! I am sure she loved it!

the recovery gift is such an awesome idea. Although it totally made my butt hole clench up. And pushed my baby fever away like whoa!!

did I just seriously say butt hole in a blog comment? Classy ;-)

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh girl, LOVE it ALL!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful shower!!!!! :) It all came together so well.

Jessica Frazier said...

That shower looks awesome! We need to go into business, my friend.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Ok first, you look gor-geous! as usual, but seriously gorgeous! And you did AMAZING on the party!! All the details are just beyond adorable and thoughtful, cute and sweet! You did amazing! And the recovery kit, hilarious, true, and hilarious! :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

p.s. can you teach me how to wear those cute belts?? I always want to try but don't have the "right" belt and always feel silly when I try to wear one! Maybe you should just come up here and visit! ;)

Tiffany said...

What a cute shower! Especially the "what I wish some one would have told me basket"...great idea!