Tuesday, September 27, 2011

McMommy Happenings

I decided when I transferred from All Things Fluffy, Fashionable & Famous... that this blog would be for ME. To record the happenings in my life. The things I am currently "into." My main reason for blogging these days is so that one day, Addison (and our future children) will get to look back at what I was thinking, liking, feeling, etc. and have a sense of who I am (was) at this (that) very moment.

I am thankful for the readers I have and the comments I get because it will be easier to explain to her the friends I have made and the sense of community I feel, thanks to blogging.

So today is a hodge podge post.

- We got a new king bed! FINALLY!! What have we been waiting on?? This thing is awesome. I wish we had gotten one a long time ago. We have been waiting for the right financial time to invest in this... and we were finally ready and we found an amazing offer so we jumped on it... now we are both sleeping so sound and peaceful! WHEW!

- I am in full on party planning mode. Addison's 2nd birthday party is in less than two weeks and I have some decisions made but not much executed so I am a busy lady and will be VERY busy the next week or so. Lots to do.

-  My 10 year high school reunion is this weekend. We have a meet up at 5 on Friday and then we are all going to the football game at our alma mater. Then our reunion is Saturday night. I am quite excited. I bought a dress for my reunion, it's not very ME, but I love it. I tried to find a pic online but I couldn't. But plenty of pictures will be taken at the reunion so you shall see soon.

- Fall clothes. Yesterday I started the twice annual "switching of the closet." I hate it but it must be done. I have WAY too many clothes and not a big enough closet... so a switcheroo must be done twice a year. It gives me a chance to get organized and get rid of some things I don't need/want anymore.

- Fall decorating. Thanks to Pinterest... I have big plans for my fall decorating. Now whether I get them all done, we shall see. Budget is tight, and time is scarce so we will see. I have decided to focus on about 4 or 5 little things to do. Excited to show yall what I do.

- Birthday was an amazing success thanks to my wonderful husband. I finally got the laptop I have been wanting SO bad. I went with a PC because, honestly, it's what I know. He also baked me a cake and got me a "my favorite things" box, which was just precious. In it was 4 of my fave magazines, wing sauce (that's a whole nother post), gum, twizzlers, doritos...and a few other things. It was so sweet. He really put some thought into that one. I am a blessed woman to have the husband I have. He is SO good to me. I am so undeserving but so very thankful.

- Two of my dear friends are having babies in November so I am super excited to meet these sweet boys (Jasper and Grayson). It's no secret that I have baby fever so I can't wait to love on these little chunks!

- Addison is SO smart. And I don't mean it in the "all mothers think their kids are so smart" kind of way. She speaks in full sentences. And you can understand her. A couple of her newest precious things are: 1) she will yell "DADDY!" and if he doesn't answer or come running she starts yelling "ADAM!" I die every time. It's so cute. 2) She still says "Ambigator" but she also now says "Aminals" 3) If she wants me to hold her she says "Hold you!" Sounds crazy right, well, every time I think she might want me to I said you want me to "hold you." Smart girl. She just says what mommy says.

- Auburn football is tough to watch this year. Being the National Champions, people (and fans) always expect a lot. But we lost A TON of our guys last year. Our defense is just not good. And our offense isn't much better.  I am also a little disappointed in our coaching...but whatever, I love my Tigers and always will. But doesn't mean I can't give "tough love" when critiquing games.

Have a great week!


Funny Guy and His Wife said...

Your birthday sounds wonderful! Love the idea of 'my favorite things'. Cannot wait to see the photos of Addison's birthday party- you are always so creative!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

So glad your bday was so great! I know ALM's birthday will be absolutely precious! I'm so excited to see it and seriously hate that we can't be there! :(

I love you, my friend!

Tillie said...

so glad you had a fantasmic birthday!!!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

So no that you have a king size bed, you'll never be able to sleep on anything else! Whenever B and I attempt to sleep in a smaller one, it's like WW3 trying to get comfy. We're spoiled now!