Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet Baron

Amy sent me a text a couple of weeks ago with this guys blog address...I didn't know what to expect but I do know that if she sends me something, it's worth reading, and reading well! So I did. I took my time.

I cried. Sobbed.

I got chills.

My heart ached for this young man.

It made me think...what would I do?

This young man, Baron, is 24. He was to play in the NFL for the Pittsburg Steelers this year. Right before his first game with the team, he tore his ACL. He will recover and I am sure have a very successful career in the NFL and the best part... He will give GOD all the glory. All the praise. This young man is phenomenal. In his talents? I'm sure he's very talented; although I have never watched him play (YET!). He is one of my new favorite players. He is phenomenal in his spiritual strength. His way of writing. I truly FELT this blog post he wrote.

This is too good NOT to share. I wish I could make everyone I know read it! I encourage each of you to take 5 minutes and read the post, A Storm is Coming. I have never read a post so powerful. So engaging.

He talks of the strugle between "Faith" and "Doubt." He puts it into a perspective that is undeniably the best I have ever read. I promise you, it will wake you up. Slap you in the face. Possibly change how you look at faith forever.

This young man is inspiring. He is an overcomer! And I have a feeling he will go far in life, not just in football.

Amy also wrote a great post about Baron. Read here.


Stephanie@SweetTeaAndSunshine said...

I have no words. That was AMAZING. Thank you for sharing!

Michelle said...

New blog reader and after this link I am so glad to be here!! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, Sweet September said...

Amazing. Thank you SO much for posting. I needed to read this :) What an amazing guy!