Thursday, October 13, 2011

2nd Birthday: Aubie Party

Warning: picture overload!!

Notice my absence? That's because I was frantic planning Addison's 2nd birthday party. And then this week...still trying to clean up my house. I always take on the "do it yourself" mentality. It's great because it saves us money, however, it's not great because it causes me more stress/anxiety than I could possibly explain. But as I explained to my friend Erin last week... I work best under stress. That seems strange, but it's true. When I am stressed and feel anxiety... I get stuff done.

So this past Saturday we were up at 6 am doing yard work/setting up tables, etc. getting ready for the party to start at 11:30. The weather was perfect. Sunny and mid 70s. There was a steady breeze all day (that caused a slight problem with the tablecloths). It was wonderful weather. Couldn't have asked for better.

We had lots of sweet partiers. We had about 40-50 people there having the best time. There were so many sweet kiddos running around, playing and just having a blast. Some of my sweet friends drove from far away to be there. We just love and appreciate all the people in Addison's life that care so much about her. She's one lucky little girl.

Here are the deets from the day:

Date: Oct 8th
Place: Our house
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Theme: Aubie (the Auburn tiger)
Colors: orange and blue (duh)

Her invitation was done by Shindig Parties to go on Etsy. She was a joy to work with and helped me out SO much!! Here was her invitation:

Thank goodness my mom came on Wednesday before her party to help me get lots of little things done. She was a HUGE help. Friday night after Addison went to bed. My mom, dad, Adam and I worked HARD getting a balloon banner done...of which I forgot to take a picture, but you can see it here in the background of this picture.

My nephew combing his hair with Addison's new princess brush

Here are some of the other decor details. Enjoy all the many pics :)

Her Awesome AUBIE trashcan that my mom worked SO hard on!

Paper lanterns

Sweets table and her "birthday tablecloth" that we monogram every year

We forgot to iron... ignore the wrinkles

Her awesome AUBIE cake made by a friend of mine

Cupcakes...I made the cupcake toppers.

Dipped pretzels and orange candy

Addison LOVES this Aubie


The "takeaways" for guests

My mom and I made these paws. We used paw candy molds. It was pretty fun and easier than expected. I also made the little tags to go on them.

Addison is part of the "Auburn Kids Club" so she gets a card from Aubie every year :) It's signed by Aubie!
Food table

Lots of orange food

And slider burgers
And Tiger Tonic (AKA-orange koolaid)

Tiger Tonic straw tags. I made these.

Aubie walked across the tables

Just blew out her candles

Her birthday hat made by Shop Lissy on Etsy. She did her 1st birthday hat too.

The coloring station

Coloring with her friends

Birthday girl (with a Capri Sun down her dress)
Loving her cheese puff more than picture taking

Family Photo

Addison and her buddies, Campbell and Davis

My brother (Uncle Jo Jo) and sweet Gracie

Aubie was there!

Present Time. She got the Woody, Jessie, Bullseye & Buzz Lightyear dolls from Toy Story. She LOVES them.
Loving her new Woody doll.

Aunt Shelley and all her "nieces and nephews" (Rylee and Spencer)  Addison was SO over pictures at this point!
Me and my bestest Heather (obvs due any day now)
My other bestest and our sweet girls!
The hubs and their daughters


Lauren said...

Oh my word!!!! PURE cuteness!!! Everything was perfection!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

SOOOOO cute!! You did an awesome job!! My husband would be in HEAVEN if we did an OU themed birthday for our son. Addison is so adorable in her little outfit! :)

Tracy's Porch said...

You are awesome! That party is so precious!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

It turned out SO great! It is perfect! You did an amazing job with everything and I know that Addison absolutely loved it! Wish we could have been there! Xoxo

Tiffany said...

Everything was darling! Every detail taken care of...and most importantly, it looks like everyone (especially the birthday girl) had a blast!

Lulu said...

You did such a fantastic job! The Aubie smocked dress your mom found is just perfection, what a great addition! I loved reading this post (and am totally going to steal your idea of the yearly birthday tablecloth! haha) xoxox

Karah said...

Her party was adorable!! I LOVE IT. She looked so cute too. :)

California Wife said...

Addison's party was absolute perfection! Every little detail came together so well, and it looks like everyone had a great time!

Samantha said...

Okay this whole thing was awesome! My favorite idea is the birthday table cloth! That's awesome and something she'll always have!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

This is all just so cute!! She looks adorable (duh!) and the details are amazing. You did such a good job! So sad we couldn't be there :( xoxo

Tiffany said...

Awesome details! Can you tell me where you purchased your Birthday table cloth again?