Thursday, October 6, 2011


So yesterday was a big day in our house... ADDISON TURNED TWO!

Ummmmm, wasn't she JUST born? Wasn't I JUST breast feeding her? Didn't she just start eating solids? Wasn't it like YESTERDAY that I planned her Candyland themed 1st birthday? Oh myyyyy! Time has flown!

I really never knew that I could love her as much as I do today. And she is really starting to show her love for me back. She's never been a super cuddley child but she is all about her mama these days. She wants all of my attention, all of my affection. It's precious. Sometimes it's a lot to handle but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I always knew that I was meant to be a mother...But I had no idea exactly what that meant. Being a mother to me is my "calling." No question. It's what God wants me to do at this stage of my life. So that's what I give my time to. I don't always get to do all the social/fun things I want know why??? Because I am being a the majority of my time to my family. As I should.

I blinked my eyes and two years have gone by. My child is now forming sentences...counting...she's just so aware of everything. She talks up a storm. She tells stories and repeats things you say.

I thought I would share a few "stats" and stories about her now that she's the big T-W-O!

- She weighs 30 lbs.
- She is in 3T clothes and has been for several months.
- I don't know her exact height yet (checkup coming soon) but this girl is TALL. People always think she's 3.
- She loves animals. (But she calls them "aminals") I mean... LOVES. She gets this from me. And I am OK with it. (Who knows, maybe she will go to Auburn and be a vet someday) :) (ahhhh to dream)
- She is absolutely mesmerized by older children. She watches them, talks to them...wants to follow them around everywhere. It's so cute.
- She's really grasping that Dansby and Daizy are part of our family and to see her love on them is just too precious.
-  She loves Jesus. We say this every night in our prayers. When we go to bed I say "What do you want to read about tonight?" She says "JESUS!" So we read her "The Big Picture Bible Story" (which I highly recommend) and we sometimes read a chapter of her Really Whoolly Bible. This warms my heart.
- To hear your child pray is just the sweetest thing you can hear. I am teaching her to pray for others, not just herself. We have several people (in need) that we pray for every night.
- She has lots of animals at my parents in Alabama. My dad recently got her 3 chickens and I asked her what she wanted to name them. One of them is a rooster... and in her precious little brain he looks like a parrot so guess what she named him... PARROTT! Then I asked her what she wanted to name the others...she said "ChooChoo"and I said ok, one more, and she answered "WOOWOO." So that's it. It stuck! She also has three rabbits: Belle, Smokey and Arnold. Between our family, my mom and dad and my brother and his wife, we have 6 dogs (5 of which are Shih Tzus). Can you tell we love some animals?
- She confuses "Get down" and "Get up." It's so precious. Because I ask her if she wants to "get down" our of her high chair" so when she wants me to "get up" she yells "Get DOWN mommy."

My baby is growing up. She is getting so big and becoming so independent. It warms my heart, yet breaks it at the same time. I want her to always "need" me. I want her to always know the innocence she knows now. I don't want her growing up and learning about this awful world. I want to protect her from all that's bad. And the best way I know to do that is PRAYER!

Yesterday we enjoyed a day of playing outside, watching whatever she wanted to and dinner/playtime at Chickfila. My child is so blessed. My family is so blessed. All glory be to God.

Here's some pictures to remind you all where we've come from :) (a post to come soon full of her two year old photography session):


4 months

8 months




Tracy's Porch said...

She is just beautiful and precious!!! Happy 2nd!

She does seem really tall. She is only two months older than Gracie and in that last picture she looks like a little girl where I still think Gracie looks like a baby. Ashley always looked tall and older like Addison.

i'm jess said...

She is so darling and yes she seems quite tall! Looking forward to seeing pics of her #2 party!

Christina Cadden said...

She is so precious!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

she is one beautiful little girl Lynds :) Happy Birthday Miss A!! We love you!

amy (metz) walker said...

Crazy! and so big!

Meg said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!!