Saturday, October 1, 2011

Football FUNday 2: Gameday Wear

Southern Belle defined: A beautiful and charming woman from the Southern United States. A Southern Belle possesses an undeniable natural charm, has a warm and dazzling smile, and impeccable manners, calling each person she encounters 'sir' or 'ma'am' regardless of their age or position. A Southern Belle can be recognized by her unforgettable Southern drawl, unstinting hospitality and graciousness, and her recognition as Football as a part of her religion.

In the south, especially in the SEC, it's a HUGE deal to wear your team colors on Saturday during football season. I mean HUGE! But we fashionable Southern Belle's don't wanna show up to our team's football game or tailgate party in a t-shirt and jeans...we want to look cute. Unique. Stylish. But still be sporting our colors. You will see girls trekking across campus dressed to the nines. Rocking their favorite outfit (and we usually never wear it more than one game-right girls?). So that means we need LOTS of outfits for our Saturday's in the fall. For me, it's orange and blue. But for you it might be red/black, purple/yellow, crimson/white, red/blue, orange/white or another!

I have found some really cute dresses and tops that will help us ALL look cute on Gameday and help us show our support for our team.

I know some of these are "summery" but you can always throw on a cardigan and rock it into December!

Enjoy ladies:

Amazingly Auburn

Flower for the Game Dress

In the End Dress

Toomer's for Tuscaloosa

Golden Bow Dress

Crazy for Black & Red Dress

Chevrons for GameDay Dress

A Night In Paris Top

Jumping For Elephants Dress

Summer Sunshine Dress


Lauren said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Michelle said...

My sisters and I were JUST talking about how this is totally an SEC thing. We were making fun of my sister {she's at UK right now} for wearing a dress to the game! As a Big 10 fan, we just don't get it. Of course part of it too is that your "football weather" is a lot different than our "football weather".