Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Last year, my mom and I were out shopping and ran across an "Elf on the Shelf." I had heard about it but knew nothing about it, but my mom had. She told me about it and asked if I wanted one for Addison. I said sure and so the tradition was born. We had him last year but she was so young she didn't "get it" so he sat in one place the whole month of December. This year we got him out and we read the book for the first time and she listened so closely and she really seemed to like it and be amazed at him. She seemed to get the concept of who he was and what his mission was. The no touching. The "he's watching." That he visits Santa every night while we sleep and comes back to a new place every morning. We talk about how he visits Santa and tells him if she's been a good girl or bad. I know she doesn't totally get it, but she definitely understands something. She named ours Chipper. Or as she calls him, Chippah.

Every morning when she wakes up, the first thing she says is "Gotta find Chippah." And off she goes. She always looks in the most obvious places because at first, that's where we put him. Then she will say, "Mommy I don't see him." I will give her a clue like "Go look in the kitchen." When she finally sees him she yells, "I see him. I see him. Good morning Chippah!" It is absolutely precious. She tells him good night too before she goes to bed. She just loves him. And I am so so glad she "gets" that we can't touch. She has never even tried. Whew.

A few places Chipper has shown up: (we don't do the messy things-I'm too OCD and don't want her thinking she can do those things-haha)

The pocket of my Christmas apron (I told her he must have tried to cook)

Hugging one of our 12 Days of Christmas glasses on the table (I told her he must have been thirsty)
Wrapped around the stocking hanger that looks like a present (I told her he must have tried to wrap a present)
Hanging from the curtain rod (I told her he we must have caught him coming back from the North Pole)

On the bookcase (I told her he must really like to read)

Another thing she always has to know is "How did he get up there?" And I HAVE to give a loooong, elaborate story about how he got to where he is. It's so so cute.

It was very important to us that Addison know about the REAL meaning of Christmas. I didn't want her caught up in Chipper, Santa, presents, etc. So when we sat down to talk about Chipper, we told her that Chipper was an elf sent from the North Pole where Santa lives. And that he would be watching her to see if she was good or bad. We made it very clear that God was watching too, that He was the most important one and he ALWAYS wants us to be good. We told her that God provides the presents but that Santa delivers them for Him. We told her that God has already given us the best present of all and that we have that present with us everyday. She looked at us kind of confused. I told her that Jesus is God's gift to us. I know she can't wrap her precious, little, mind around how a person could be a gift and I can't wait to explain that to her one day when she's older. We read books about Christmas at bedtime and I hope some of that is sinking into her sweet little mind. I think it is.

If you ask her whose birthday is Christmas, she will say "Jesus!" (she will also tell you we are going to sing and she gets to blow out the candles). If you ask her who provides the presents, she will say "God." If you ask her who delivers them to our house, she will say "Santa." And ask her what God's gift to us is and she will say, "Jesus."

I say that's a good start, don't you?


Megan said...

Cute! I love that God provides the presents but Santa delivers. You guys are great parents!

Anne said...

SUCH a good start. Adorable!

Birdie said...

Wow! I think any child would be much better off learning those things than what is so commercially taught at Christmas!