Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Season

Beware: Random/Jumbled thoughts ahead.

I am very thankful that our Christmas season isn't too hectic or crazy. I got all my shopping done weeks ago and did most of it online (thanks Amazon). Wrapped everything in three days and tada... I've been relaxing ever since. That was my goal this year. Have everything done so I could really enjoy the entire Christmas season. Here's a glance into what our Christmas celebrating looks like:

Dec 16-18: Alabama with my parents
- We will celebrate Christmas there Saturday night with my brother and his wife. I have no living grandparents so the BIG Christmas celebrations no longer exist on my side of the family. I have always loved being in the comfort of my childhood home celebrating Christmas. There's something very special about that.
- Since there's only 6 adults and one child, we still buy everyone presents. Multiples presents. My mom is a shopaholic so she really goes overboard (but I am thankful for her overboard-ness). It's fun because we open our presents one at a time so everyone sees what everyone gets. I love that. It takes us over an hour but it's precious family time that I try to soak in.
- Every year my mom makes what we refer to as "little chickens." I will have to get the recipe from her and y'all HAVE to make them. They aren't healthy but they are the best thing ever. We will have macaroni and cheese (because I like to pretend I am still 5). My dad will make sausage balls. We will have chex mix. Made be ME :) We will have a couple of deserts and some other sides but the above mentioned are traditions. Staples, if you will.
- I love the time that we get to spend together all weekend. We used to always celebrate Christmas Eve at my moms but once we had Addison, we wanted her to be at home so Santa could visit her there. I know she might not be home EVERY Christmas but if we can help it, we would like to.

Christmas Eve: Church then Adam's parents
- Last year we started a tradition of going to the Christmas Eve service at our church. They have two different services: one for families with young children and then a regular service. We obviously go to the first one. They both start at 5 pm and are over before 6. We take the Lord's Supper. It's a special service for these young children who are learning what the REAL meaning of Christmas is. I'm very excited to keep this tradition going.
- After it's over, we head to Adam's parents house. And it's a house full :) Us three, Adam's parents, his sister and her husband, our three nephews, Adam's MaMaw and his Granny and Grandpa.
- His mom will have lots of goodies and we will open presents. We draw names and have a $100 limit. With a family this big, that helps the budget. We do all buy the kids something though.
- I am very blessed to have such great in-laws and family. They treat me like I am one of their own and that's a special feeling. I am thankful that Addison has two sets of grandparents that adore her.

Christmas Day: Our house
- Christmas Day will be different for us this year than any year before... you know why?? Because this is Addison's first Christmas walking :) This is the first year she really "gets" Santa and the fact that he will bring presents.
- We are going to start a tradition this year of baking a cake and singing happy birthday to Jesus and having some prayer time and read to her about the real meaning of Christmas.
- My parents will come into town that morning to visit and see what she got from Santa and Adam's parents will come over that afternoon too.
- I will make breakfast and some snacks for the day but we don't have a big Christmas lunch/dinner. Adam's Granny makes Christmas lunch but with my parents in town, we have never gone before. But we'll see.
- Our church is having one service at 11:00 Christmas morning but they aren't providing childcare so we aren't going to try and wrestle her for an hour. We will worship on Christmas Eve.
- I like the fact that we just relax and don't have anywhere to be Christmas Day. As a Christian, I want to focus on that day and what it really means for us. Sometimes it becomes emotionally overwhelming to think of the REAL meaning of that day. What it really means to us. But I want to always be teaching Addison that. I want her to "get it" so bad. I long for the day that God opens her eyes and reveals His truth to her. Oh what a joyous day that will be.

I can't believe Christmas is almost here. That's CRAZY to me. It's been a wonderful year. We have had a lot go on in our family. Lots of changes. But we are good. We are better than ever probably. Stronger. Wiser. More full of faith.

I can't wait to post pictures of Addison and this wonderful Christmas I know we will have. And I can't wait to see all of y'alls posts and pictures too. Merry Christmas friends!


Sole Matters said...

aww! i love that yall are going to start a tradition of baking a cake and singing happy birthday to Jesus. SO cool!!

Kelly said...

reading this post totally got me in the christmas spirit! thanks! this christmas is my daughters first 'walking' christmas as well and we are really looking forward to it! merry christmas! hugs!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

enjoy your Christmas sweet friend. Addison is going to have so much fun!

Malissa said...

I love reading other people's traditions, so fun! I have been out of town and behind on blog reading so I just read your sad news and also your happy news. I'm so sorry for your loss but am so glad that you and Adam get a rest from the stress of selling a home and moving and that you and ALM get him home. God is good!