Thursday, December 1, 2011


So it's been a while since I've blogged. Slacker! I have been busy busy and honestly haven't really had much to blog about and really haven't wanted to. Sometimes, when the time of the day comes that I have time to blog...if it feels like "I have to" then I just don't. I rest, watch tv, clean, do laundry, whatever I need to get done or whatever I WANT to do. If blogging AIN'T IT, then that day gets skipped.

Moving on... Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. As usual. Our tradition has become: lunch here at my in-laws with Adam's family and then we head over to Alabama to eat dinner with my parents. It sounds like alot going on, but it works for us and I actually like it.

I was telling Addison about Thanksgiving the night before and the day of, and I was telling her what it meant to be thankful. I know that's difficult for a 2 year old to grasp, but never too early to start teaching them. I told her that we are thankful for family, friends, church, food, jobs, house, cars and all of our blessings but that we are most thankful for Jesus. I told her why and she just stared at me like she was taking in every word I said. And I hope she was.

I refelcted a lot about what I am thankful for this year. I am more aware of my blessings than ever before in my life. I am so abundantly blessed and feel so undeserving. I find myself thanking God daily for my salvation and the price Jesus paid for me, my amazing/loving/precious husband, my daughter, our new growing baby God so graciously blessed us with, my best friend of a mother, my family, my friends, Adam's amazing job, my little 9 hours a week job, our cars (and no car payments), health, our home, food, etc. I could go on and on. Although our life seems a little "frazzled" right now, with Adam gone so much and me alone with Addison a lot, I still praise God that our life is what it is. I see so much around me that makes me so sad for others. So much loss, sadness, people doing without... and it breaks my heart. And it snaps me back into reality when I have a little pity party sometimes. I have so much and deserve so little. I realize more everyday what LITTLE value things have. It took me a while to get there...and I still struggle daily. But I am really working on doing/having what MATTERS. I am just so thankful for my life and what God has done in it.

I have to tell yall a sad (but now funny) story...Addison was playing outside at my in-law's with her cousin Matthew (8). I was inside, but I could see them in the backyard. They were rolling this big car around and all of a sudden I hear her crying. Matthew comes in carrying Addison (she hangs past his knees) and shes crying grabbing at her butt/back of her legs. Adam smells poop so he takes her back to change her. He pulls her pants down and sees two bites on the back of her legs. One on each side. Exact same place. He all of a sudden notices a yellow jacket flying the room and realizes that she has been stung. We put medicine on it and give her Benadryl. She has finally stopped screaming so we go outside to look and see if we can see where she might have gotten stung and there is like 50+ yellow jackets flying around a hole in the ground. UGH. I hate those things. Adam's dad took care of them real quick like. And Addison is fine. You couldn't even tell where she got stung like 2 days later. She's not allergic like her dad thankfully. Ok, here's why it's funny today...the rest of the day on Thanksgiving and even yesterday she asks me (or anyone else around) "What happen to my weg mommy?" and I have to tell her the WHOLE story. She asks over and over and over :) It's hysterical and pretty dang cute! :) I just had to get that down on the ol' blog so one day she can laugh at that.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving...and are now gearing up for Christmas!

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving Day:

At her Nonnie and Papa's house

Outside playing

Matthew and Addison before the bee incident.

At Grammy and Paws house in AL

Playing in the leaf pile with Grammy

Playing with Doc in the leaves

Mommy and Addison

Our little growing family


Anne said...

She's so beautiful, Lynds - and you look fantastic! What a perfect post and a wonderful reminder.

SWV said...

She's precious, Lyndsey and you look fab! Glad you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope to see y'all soon! xoxo